Who qualifies?

Each patient and family must decide whether the Bridge Program is the right choice for them.

Our team is ready and willing to answer questions and consult with those involved before making a decision.

  • Patients with chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, high re-hospitalizations, poor prognosis, or needing pain management

  • Actively seeking, or obtaining, treatment does not disqualify a patient from the A Plus Bridge Program

Who pays?

The A Plus Bridge Program is funded through a combination of sources:

  1. Payments from the patient's insurance company

    • Our team works with multiple insurance companies (including Medicare) and will work out the details directly with the insurance

  2. Donations from former A Plus Bridge Program families

  3. The A Plus Bridge Program Endowment

bridge program

The right level of care, at the right time, with the right team

The Bridge to Hospice program offers coordination of care for patients and families coping with end-stage chronic illness or life-limiting illness. Frequently, hospice nurses take on ‘bridge’ patients who are still seeking active treatment for life-threatening illnesses, or who are not emotionally ready to consider hospice. This collaboration between our home health and hospice teams ensure a smooth, timely and seamless transition from home health to hospice care.