What do we do?

We assist patients, families, and caregivers through the difficult--and often confusing--journey of late-stage chronic illness in three main ways.

We provide skilled healthcare or palliative care based on the needs of the patient and family

  • Our inter-disciplinary team collaborates on the condition and needs of each patient at our bi-weekly team meeting where differing perspectives and specialties combine to assist in achieving the best outcomes

We help ensure patients and family members are not blindsided by the unknown​​

  • Each patient in the Bridge Program is assigned a guide--a licensed professional who is the "go-to" for any question a patient or family may have, and who is aware of their specific situation

  • Hospice-certified Nurses and Social Workers provide consultations to discuss:

    • Financial Planning

    • Family planning, communication and expectations

    • Insurance questions

    • What to expect in the final days and moments

We simplify and / or handle the tough conversations​

  • Family members, caregivers, or healthcare providers caring for patients with late-stage chronic illness may not feel ready, prepared, or comfortable tackling the hard conversations; or they may wonder when the "right" time is for certain topics. We have experience in this area, let us help

bridge program

The right level of care, at the right time, with the right team

The Bridge to Hospice program offers coordination of care for patients and families coping with end-stage chronic illness or life-limiting illness. Frequently, hospice nurses take on ‘bridge’ patients who are still seeking active treatment for life-threatening illnesses, or who are not emotionally ready to consider hospice. This collaboration between our home health and hospice teams ensure a smooth, timely and seamless transition from home health to hospice care.