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Strategic Anchor #1:

Create an environment that acts as a magnet for the most collaborative, unselfish, and team-oriented people


We're always looking for the right Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Home Health Aides, and support staff to join our team

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Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Dahl, for more information:

Phone: 801-623-0554 | Email:

Volunteers are an integral part of our hospice team, filling roles that range from direct contact with patients in their homes to providing administrative support in the office. Volunteers also participate in bereavement and patient recognition programs. Supporting patients and families at the end of life can be gratifying and emotionally meaningful.


When hospice became part of the Medicare benefit in 1982, written into the law was the requirement that community volunteers had to provide a minimum of 5 percent of total patient care hours. It is one of the things that makes hospice care special and unique in healthcare--a nod to the early history of hospice and the volunteers who ran them. 

The camaraderie and support amongst team members is equivalent to working with your family. The owners and directors really care about their employees and go above and beyond to ensure employees are happy and taken care of.

Physical Therapist

Support Team Member

I've worked for several home health and hospice agencies in our community over the past 20 years and A Plus is hands down the best agency to work with! They truly appreciate their employees. They've created a great team environment and they focus on having a collaborative approach to problem solving. They make sure everyone's opinion and voice is heard. They are constantly striving to make sure their employees feel valued and appreciated.