Home Health services are discussed with the patient and MD (at the hospital, primary care physician, specialist, etc.)



MD or staff contacts A Plus Home Health with a "Doctor's Order" for home health services


A Plus contacts the patient to confirm the address, insurance, services to be provided, and sets an initial in-home appointment



Patient receives an initial in-home visit and health evaluation from their case manager (one of our Nurses or Therapists) who works with the patient to create a plan of care to address the healthcare needs--including a plan for which services are required, how often, and for how long



A Plus contacts the MD to inform them of the in-home evaluation and obtain agreement / sign-off on the determined plan of care 



Our inter-disciplinary team works with the patient according to the goals, frequency, and treatments outlined in the initial plan of care and partners with the patient and MD to update the plan of care if/when needed



Patient progresses toward independence and wellness as they receive care from the best in-home healthcare team in Utah

home health


Whether returning home from the hospital, a skilled nursing facility, or a doctor's visit, we help our patients achieve independence in their community and safely transfer home with confidence. We help make hospital stays shorter and less frequent by providing healthcare in the home.

Our inter-disciplinary team partners with patients, their MD, family, and/or caregivers, to achieve goals and quality outcomes (based on the patient's diagnosis) that enable patients to more easily perform activities of daily living, manage their condition, and move forward equipped with the knowledge and resources they need in their home.

In-home services include:

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

These services provide treatment for an illness or injury with the goal of helping our patient's recover, regain independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. More than just providing excellent care in a familiar home setting, home health also saves billions of dollars each year. There is not a more cost-effective (and personalized) way to deliver healthcare in our country. 

  • Speech Therapy

  • Social Work

  • Home Health Aide


A Plus is Medicare certified and works directly with multiple insurance companies. Most insurances, including Medicare, provide these services at no-cost to the patient or family. 

Eligibility for A Plus services is determined by a patient's physician. 

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