Who qualifies and who pays?

Each patient and family must decide whether the Bridge Program is the right choice for them.

What do we do?

We assist patients, families, and caregivers through the difficult--and often confusing--journey of late-stage chronic illness in three main ways.

What do we offer?

The Bridge Program’s treatment focus is management of the transition from curative care to palliative care when the focus includes both disease-modifying and comfort care.

What are the benefits?


The Bridge Program reduces trips to the emergency room or hospitalizations, leading to a more stable quality of life and helping patients better manage their disease and symptoms at home.

bridge program

The right level of care, at the right time, with the right team

The Bridge to Hospice program offers coordination of care for patients and families coping with end-stage chronic illness or life-limiting illness. Frequently, hospice nurses take on ‘bridge’ patients who are still seeking active treatment for life-threatening illnesses, or who are not emotionally ready to consider hospice. This collaboration between our home health and hospice teams ensure a smooth, timely and seamless transition from home health to hospice care.

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